Country Health Care & Rehab Sponsor Event

Country Health Care & Rehab Sponsor Event

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The Blessed Mess Sensory Play and Country Health Care & Rehab are teaming up to give their residents with Alzheimer's a gardening sensory bin. Your name will be added to the bin as a sponsor. 

What are the benefits?: Reduce loneliness, trigger past happy memories, decrease anxiety, increases communication, improve cognitive function, maintain daily function. 

Create your own Spring garden by using everything in this kit so the kids in your life can plant a garden of their own.  Make your own beautiful, colorful bouquet of flowers. Spend the day molding, piling, and digging up the sand  - a fun mixture with a sticky texture. Take this outside whenever to enjoy the fresh Spring air.

What's Included:
Moldable Sand           
Pinto Beans         

Mini Wicker Basket 
Flower Pots
Flower Shaped Bowls 

White Fence       
Fake Flowers       
Play Bugs 

Play Food