Our Story

Miranda is an experienced early childhood educator turned stay at home mom. She has spent 7 years teaching grades Pre-k through 2nd grade with 4 of those years being in Pre-K. Since being home she has used her experience and drive to teach to create learning opportunities for her kids. One main focus has been creating and implementing sensory play at least one day a week. There is no greater way to teach as many skills at once for the developing mind of a toddler or preschool age child than through sensory play and she can’t wait to bring that creativity into the bins they create each month. 


Karly is a self-proclaimed Starbucks snob, yoga loving, crunchy(ish) mother of three.  She taught 5th grade for four years while earning her Masters in Curriculum & Instruction with an emphasis in ESL (English as a Second Language) before landing her dream job of being a stay at home mom. Between changing diapers, warming up her coffee (again!), and working part time teaching English to students in China, she loves engaging her children through sensory play.  She has always enjoyed creating different types of creative, messy, and meaningful sensory bins. Karly’s years as a teacher have taught her the importance of educational based activities while her role as a mom has taught her the importance of letting her kids take the lead, be messy and be creative.  This is why sensory play is the perfect match, like Rachel and Ross. :)


We meet two years ago, both pregnant, through a mutual friend. We have shared our love for our kids and sensory play over the years.  It has brought us so much joy to create these types of opportunities for our own children that we wanted to share the joy with others.  Out of this love and desire to share our creative outlet, The Blessed Mess was formed.

Our Product Testers

All of our products go through rigorous testing to ensure that our customers are getting THE best sensory bins possible.  All of our bins pass through all five of our testers.  Each tester certifies that each bin will include hours of creativity, exploration, and fun. 


Finn (4), Rowan (2)                             Luca (2), Enzo (4), Lucia (5 month)