What is sensory play?

An open-ended activity that engages the senses through natural and scientific exploration. It encourages creativity, curiosity, and investigation.

What skills will my children learn?

Scooping, pouring, capacity, cause and effect, spatial awareness, fine motor skills, language, vocabulary, and so much more!

What do I get with my kit?

We provide all the materials (bin optional for local customers) that you need for hours of fun for your child(ren). We also provide additional activities, ideas, and books that go along with your kit.  We not only want this kit to provide fun, but we know there are so many educational and sensory benefits as well. 

I didn't buy a bin with my kit.  What should I put it in?

We make all our kits to work nicely in a 12 quart bin.  We love our handmade sensory table that comes with two 12 quart bins.  It is a great investment if you plan to do a lot of sensory play.  However, any bin that is about 12 quarts (even a little smaller or little bigger) that you have in your house will work. Also check your local WalMart or Target if you need to buy one.

What do I do with this mess?

Sensory bin etiquette takes time. If they're throwing rice today that doesn't mean they'll always throw rice. It's like learning to eat at a table. One day you're scraping spaghetti off the ceiling; the next you barely need a wipe. It's ok to put down a towel or put the bin on a hard surface.  In due time, it'll be able to be on the carpet without a problem. 

Do you accept returns?

Due to the hygenic nature of this product, we will only accept unopened, unused bins.  Within 30 days of receiving the product we will return your money when we receive the product back.  If it's shipped, it will need to be shipped back at your cost.

Do you offer shipping?

Yes, we will currently ship anywhere nationwide. We can only ship kits WITHOUT bins. 

How do subscriptions work?

The monthly subscriptions are ONLY for the new themes that are released each month. All new subscriptions that are in before the last day of the month will be fulfilled the following month.  We will have subscriptions ready the first week of the month.  You can cancel at any time. However, you MUST cancel before you are billed for the month.  If you are billed for the month, your order will be filled and your subscription will be cancelled for the next month. 

When will regular orders be fulfilled?

All orders for everything except resin letters or our table will be fulfilled withing 3-5 business days, if not sooner. The tables and resin letters will be fulfilled within 1-2 weeks. 

How does porch pick up work?

We will contact you that your order is ready after you have paid online.  It will be outside the house that is closer to you (Champaign or Gifford).  Just take the kit with your name and go have some fun!